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If you have bone-on-bone arthritis, torn cartilage, tendonitis or bursitis you may be a candidate for our Revolutionary Treatment.

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Dear Knee Pain Sufferer,

We are Eastern Iowa Health & Wellness our team of highly trained healthcare clinicians have created a Revolutionary Blueprint for Knee Pain using advanced non-surgical, drug free and pain free technologies for patients suffering from knee pain.

Our state-of-the-art testing and advanced treatments for knee pain have helped over 7,000 patients get lasting relief.

We hear from new patients every day who tell us we are their “last resort” doctor. If we can’t help them, they have no where left to go as other doctors have told them there is nothing more that can be done to help them except to block their ability to feel pain with pain medications and injections, or undergo risky reconstructive or replacement surgery. Many of them have already suffered some of the awful side effects of harmful medications, invasive injections or failed surgery. Our patients come to us with knee pain caused by degenerative joint disease, sports injuries and repetitive stress. Some cannot even bear weight on their knees, others have painful swelling on or behind their knees caused by a baker’s cyst. Some patients have knee deformities such as “bow legs” or “knock knees” and many feel as though their knee is unstable or gives out due to loss of balance, sensation and strength.

How is the cause of my knee pain diagnosed?
Typically, a diagnosis for treatment of your knee pain requires a physical examination and x-rays by a doctor who knows knees. For knee pain caused by conditions other than osteoarthritis, an MRI might be recommended. These diagnostic studies are essential to determine the right treatment for your specific knee condition. Once you have a clear diagnosis of knee osteoarthritis as the culprit causing your knee pain, then you need to try any conservative means available to avoid eventual knee replacement.

Symptoms of Knee Pain from Osteoarthritis

  • Joint soreness after overuse or inactivity
  • Joint stiffness after resting or in the morning
  • Pain when moving your knee
  • Pain when using stairs or getting up from a chair
  • Pain that prevents you from exercising your leg
  • Grating or catching when moving your knee
  • Joint pain that feels worse in the evening after a day’s activity
  • Deterioration of coordination due to pain and stiffness
  • Weakened thigh muscles


Our Revolutionary Treatment Stops Knee Pain in its Tracks

  • No Injections
  • No Medications
  • No Surgery
  • No Knee Replacement

Using scientific advances in medical laser technology and knee decompression, Eastern Iowa Health & Wellness have created a Revolutionary Blueprint for Osteoarthritis of the Knee and other Joints that has successfully treated thousands of patients with debilitating knee pain.

Eastern Iowa Health & Wellness' Knee Pain Treatment Succeeds Where Other Treatment Methods Fail

If education, exercise, knee braces and anti-inflammatory medications have not provided enough relief for you to live pain-free and reasonably active you may be a good candidate for super pulsed laser therapy - a safe, highly effective, option that can help you avoid knee replacement surgery.

We offer non-invasive, non-drug, non-surgical and painless knee pain treatment to help our patients reduce and even eliminate their symptoms associated with knee pain using the world’s most innovative laser treatment along with very specific non-surgical, non-invasive relaxing reintegration and regeneration protocols for degenerated and damaged knee joints to increase their function quickly.

What is super pulsed laser therapy?

Super pulsed laser therapy is a non-surgical, non-pharmacologic therapy for knee osteoarthritis. It can help relieve your pain, improve your mobility, and get you back to your normal activities.

New research in a treatment called super pulsed laser therapy is having a profound effect on patients suffering with pain. Unlike the cutting type of laser seen in movies and used in medical procedures, super pulsed laser penetrates the surface of the skin with no heating effect or damage.

Cold Laser therapy has been tested for 40 years, had over 2,000 papers published on it and has been shown to aid in damaged tissue regeneration, decrease inflammation, relieve pain and boost the immune system. This means that there is a good chance Laser therapy could be your pain solution, allowing you to live a more active lifestyle.

Professional athletes like Tiger Woods and team members of the New England Patriots rely upon laser therapy to treat the sports-related injuries. These guys use the Laser for one reason only...


Before the FDA would clear Laser for human use, they wanted to see proof that it worked. This led to two landmark studies.

The first study showed that patients who had Laser therapy had 53% better improvement than those who had a placebo. The second study showed patients who used the laser therapy had less pain and more range of motion days after treatment. If Laser can help these patients, it can help you too.

Are You A Candidate for Our Knee Pain Relief Treatment?

Chronic knee pain is widely recognized by health care providers as one of the most difficult pain syndromes to manage and treat. We have been intensely working with people suffering these symptoms for over a decade.

Often after just a few treatments even patients with excruciating chronic knee pain – including bone on bone knee degeneration - are telling us AND SHOWING US how their pain levels, their swelling and their stiffness have decreased while their walking strength has increased. They are SHOCKED and THRILLED with the results.

Some of our patients even have their pain reduced after just one treatment!

Needless to say we are amazed every day and have gone on to create our cutting edge Revolutionary Blueprint to Knee Pain for Osteoarthritis that has enabled our patients to reduce or even eliminate knee pain of the worst kind.

So How Can You See If Our Treatment Will Work For Your Knee Pain?

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual

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